We are a Design Agency, with more than 16 years, dedicated to the development of various communication projects and brand experience. We have a multidisciplinary team trained for the development and production of value proposals, highlighting the high level of innovation. We also have a parallel staff of support professionals who join each project according to specific requirements.

We have a printing press and factory, which allows us to cover a complete production line, directly reflected in quality results and competitive values.


Our main purpose is to be an important contribution and support to the value proposition and objectives of the company. We adapt to the needs of each client to achieve the development of a tailored proposal, contributing to positioning and differentiation.

We are constantly searching for new solutions, products and continuous improvements. We want to progressively move towards the development of more sustainable proposals, which seek to reduce the effect that excessive pollution is causing on the environment.

With the aim of supporting the development of projects and proposals that are aligned with the sustainability vision of our clients, we created DISEC GREEN, an area focused on generating a positive impact on the environment with the use of 100% recyclable and reusable materials.